Manual of Diagnostic Tests and Vaccines for Terrestrial Animals 2021

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The Manual of Diagnostic Tests and Vaccines for Terrestrial Animals (Terrestrial Manual) aims to facilitate international trade in animals and animal products and to contribute to the improvement of animal health services world-wide. The principal target readership is laboratories carrying out veterinary diagnostic tests and surveillance, plus vaccine manufacturers and regulatory authorities in Member Countries. The objective is to provide internationally agreed diagnostic laboratory methods and requirements for the production and control of vaccines and other biological products. .

The Terrestrial Manual, covering infectious and parasitic diseases of mammals, birds and bees, was first published in 1989. Each successive edition has extended and updated the information provided. This seventh edition includes over 50 updated chapters and guidelines (including a new guideline on the application of biotechnology to the development of veterinary vaccines, and the addition of epizootic haemorrhagic disease to the relevant chapter).

Part 1 contains ten introductory chapters that set general standards for the management of veterinary diagnostic laboratories and vaccine production facilities

Part 2 comprises chapters on WOAH listed diseases and other diseases of importance to international trade. In the chapter 3.09.01  a general overview of the ASF is presented, followed by a detailed description of the recommended laboratory methods for the diagnosis of this disease.

Part 3 comprises four guidelines that have been developed on topics such as biotechnology and antimicrobial susceptibility testing that are intended to give a brief introduction to their subjects (they are to be regarded as background information rather than strict standards)

Part 4 is the list of WOAH Reference Centres at the time of publication (the list of WOAH Reference Centres is updated by the World Assembly of Delegates (of WOAH Member Countries) each year; the revised list is available on the WOAH Web site)