Laboratorios de referencia.

Duties of the ASF-URL Centro de Investigación en Sanidad Animal, CISA-INIA.

CISA-INIA/CSIC was designated European Reference Laboratory for ASF in June 2002 (COUNCIL DIRECTIVE 2002/60/EC)


Designated European Union Reference Laboratory for African Swine Fever (ASF) in June 2002 (COUNCIL DIRECTIVE 2002/60/EC).

(a) to coordinate, in consultation with the Commission, the methods employed in the Member States for diagnosing African swine fever, specifically by:

  • storing and supplying cell cultures for use in diagnosis,

  • supplying standardized sera, conjugate sera and other reference reagents to the national laboratories in order to standardize the tests and reagents employed in the Member States,

  • building up and holding an African swine fever virus collection,

  • organizing periodic comparative tests of diagnostic procedures at Community level,

  • collecting and collating data and information on the methods of diagnosis used and the results of tests carried out,

  • characterizing isolates of the virus by the most up-to-date methods available to allow greater understanding of the epizootiology of African swine fever,

  • keeping abreast of developments in African swine fever surveillance, epizootiology and prevention throughout the world,

  • retaining expertise on the virus causing African swine fever and other pertinent viruses to enable rapid differential diagnosis;

(b) to make the necessary arrangements for training or re-training experts in laboratory diagnosis with a view to harmonising diagnostic techniques;

(c) to have trained personnel available for emergency situations occurring within the Community;

(d) to perform research activities and whenever possible coordinate research activities directed towards an improved control of African swine fever;

(e) to draw up technical protocols relating to procedures to verify the efficacy of disinfectants against the African swine virus.