Ctra Algete el Casar s/n. CP: 28130,

Valdeolmos, Madrid, SPAIN

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The Center for Animal Health Research (CISA), a multidisciplinary research center, is part of the National Institute for Agricultural and Food Research and Technology (INIA) belonging to the Spanish Ministry of Economy and Competitiveness. Located in Valdeolmos, 40 km northeast of Madrid, it was created in 1993 for expanding and intensifying the actions of the Ministry of Agriculture Fisheries and Food in the field of Animal Health.

The center's objectives are set out in the Order No. 3342 of the CISA creating (BOE 34 of 02/09/1993) which specify: "The CISA will develop research, technological development, training and scientific-technical cooperation with special emphasis on exotic diseases to Spanish livestock, with high risk of introduction or spread in the country".

The center is dotted with High containment area which covers 10,824 m2 and comprises 26 laboratories and 14 common use rooms of Biosafety level 3 (BSL-3). In addition, 2 laboratories of Biosafety level 3 plus (BSL-3+), fully equipped to work and store high risk exotic viruses that could affect humans. The BSL3 animal facilities are composed of 21 individual, multispecies and polyvalent rooms with the capability to shelter fish, small and large animals such as cattle and horses. Environmental toxicology facilities cover an area of 923 m2 and are composed of three different areas: laboratories, animal facilities, and auxiliary areas. There are 10 laboratories of BSL-2 containment level equipped with the appropriate infrastructure for chemical analyses, "in vitro" experimentation, and toxicological bioassays. The scientific staff is over 80 graduate and post-graduate researchers, and technical support staff, experienced in research on emerging and transboundary diseases. Due to his characteristics, the CISA is recognized as a Singular Scientific Technical Facility (ICTS) in Spain.


CISA-INIA is the European Union Reference Laboratory (URL) for African Swine fever (ASF) from 2002, the FAO reference laboratory of ASF and Collaborating Center for FAO in Biosafety and emerging viral diseases.


For more information about the center visit the INIA webpage

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