In Memoriam, letter to our friend and ASF colleague, María Jesús Muñoz
María Jesús Muñoz Reoyo

To our beloved ASF research colleague, expert epidemiologist and wildlife enthusiast,

Dearest friend,

Today, we are sad. We have lost part of our great team, a piece of our heart. María, we all are very grateful for your assistance, foresight, help and wise advice….many thanks also for showing us how to live and fight for what we believe in. We have learnt from you how to be free and loyal to ourselves. It has been a privilege to share this life with you. You have inspired us yet with another life lesson by leaving this world with incredible calmness, dignity and integrity. You are now in a better place. Your personal stamp will continue to be with us. We will always be by your side, always with you. You will be always in our thoughts,

With love,